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12 Top Tips to Help You Process Birth Trauma

  Nobody knowingly enters into pregnancy with the expectation that their birth won’t go to plan. I think for the majority of parents there’s such an air of joy and excitement around the birth of a healthy baby that other outcomes aren’t always discussed (unless...

How to Recognise & Start Healing from a Traumatic Birth

Having a baby is an amazing life-changing event that can, and should, bring immense joy and happiness to a family. However, not all birth experiences are positive. For some women and their partners, the birth of a child is a traumatic experience that can leave lasting...

Reflections on some bits of 2022!

  This has been a very interesting year (aren't they all?!). I have had to learn some tough lessons and I have done a lot of self work. It has also been a year of great discovery about myself and what I am capable of. At the very beginning of 2022 I engaged the...

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