Catherine Cooper

Hi, I’m Catherine Cooper

Trauma-Informed Independent Midwife

I help women to recover from traumatic birth experiences.

A 3 Step Rewind Can Free You From Negative and Limiting Emotions 

Sometimes, when birth doesn’t go to plan we can become stuck in one of the body’s natural response states: Flight, Fight or Freeze. This can cause symptoms such as anxiety and overwhelm.

This simple yet powerful technique can help release you from this stuck stake.

Other Ways I Can Help You

Birth Afterthoughts - Debrief Your Birth

Your Birth Experience Matters

This 90 minute session provides the perfect opportunity to tell your story, review your maternity notes and ask any questions you have about what happened. I can also suggest useful resources to help you going forward.

Birth Preferences - Make a Plan!

Plan Your Ideal Birth

A birth preferences session is a perfect opportunity for you and your partner to ask me, an experienced midwife, any questions you have about birth, to discover and discuss your options and choices as well as what is important for you during your baby’s birth.

Independent Midwifery Consultation

Ask the Midwife

This 60 minute session is your chance to get the support and evidence that you need in order to make informed decisions about your maternity care.                         Discuss your antenatal, postnatal and birth options.

Client Testimonials


I was hopeful that ‘rewind’ would help and within three days I felt an overwhelming relief from symptoms that have dogged me on and off for a long time. Thank you Catherine.


I wanted to say thank you for your support and help. I know that without you I would still be that rabbit in the headlights over the birth experience


Catherine used the rewind technique to address a trauma that happened almost 20 years previously. The most amazing result was that I can now do things and go places I haven’t been able to face all this time, it has literally changed my everyday life.