Hi! I’m Catherine Cooper, and I’m an experienced, registered midwife here to help you to move on from a negative or traumatic birth experience and enable you to navigate the maternity services.

I work with women who have experienced trauma during or around the birth of their babies. Using a process called 3 – Step Rewind, I help to free them from the negative effects of trauma.


Catherine Cooper

My Story

I’ve been a midwife since 2006 and I now work with women who have suffered birth trauma.

I talk with women, offer debriefs and practical help and, using the TBR 3-Step Rewind for Birth Trauma Resolution, I help them move forward. Free from the negative and limiting emotions attached to the memories of their birth.

One of the reasons I chose to be a birthworker was the experiences I had had as a birthing mother myself. I have 3 children, and had 3 very different birth experiences. It was during my midwifery training that I noticed that I was still troubled by the events surrounding the birth of my eldest son. This was more than ten years earlier.

During my first birth I experienced some physical trauma and believed that once I had healed physically that all would be well. However, it was not until during my midwifery training that I realised that I was still negatively affected by the birth of my first child. I was not able to completely move on from this until I experienced a 3 Step Rewind. Once I had the Rewind I was able to fully detach all the limiting emotions from my birth memories.

I would love to help you to find your missing joy, your mojo, your motivation, your confidence.  I can help you find the calmness or whatever you need to look forward to a bright future with your family.

My Values and Beliefs

I passionately believe that women, and their partners, should have positive and empowering pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding experiences. I believe these can be the foundations for positive parenting and family relationships.

Sadly, I am aware that having a positive pregnancy and birth experience is not the case for around 30% of women. This is every year, within the current system of mainstream maternity care provision in the UK. I find this totally unacceptable and this is why I do what I do.

Setting people free from the chains of their traumatic experiences gives me joy as I watch them move forward in life, free from the limiting negative emotions.

Catherine Cooper

Client Testimonials


I was hopeful that ‘rewind’ would help and within three days I felt an overwhelming relief from symptoms that have dogged me on and off for a long time. Thank you Catherine.


I wanted to say thank you for your support and help. I know that without you I would still be that rabbit in the headlights over the birth experience


Catherine used the rewind technique to address a trauma that happened almost 20 years previously. The most amazing result was that I can now do things and go places I haven’t been able to face all this time, it has literally changed my everyday life.

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