Birth Trauma Resolution

Your feelings are real

When your birth doesn’t go to plan it can leave you feeling disappointed and, very often, emotionally distressed. Sadly, there are often negative or limiting emotions attached to the memories of birth. This can be the case for those who gave birth as well as the birth partners present with them. Sometimes birth trauma can cause postnatal depression, anxiety or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Even “normal” births can leave scars.

Sometimes even a “normal” birth can be traumatising, making you believe that your feelings aren’t valid. However a traumatic birth experience isn’t always physically traumatising. You may feel you were disrespected, not heard or felt out of control of what was happening or done to you. Your partner may not have been able to support you in the way you or they hoped. A healthy baby is not all that matters, despite what people may say.

Birth is a life-changing event and how you feel about your baby’s birth can impact your relationships with your entire family as well as leave you feeling anxious, depressed, emotionally overwhelmed and even affect your ability to care for yourself and others . All experiences around birth can affect your mind and body which may leave you feeling unable to cope at times, sad or suffering symptoms of PTSD.

Birthdays, family gatherings and unhelpful comments.

You may find that you feel “triggered” by other people’s birth stories. It may be your baby’s birthday that leaves you an emotional wreck unable to stop crying. You might find that you avoid family celebrations, or outings with friends with babies, because you don’t want to be reminded or setback. Emotions are time-travellers, they can come back at any time unless we “detach” them from the experience.

Sometimes, these negative emotions can begin to affect our everyday life and have an impact on our general enjoyment of life and our relationships My 3 step rewind package can help you to disengage these unhelpful emotions to enable you to get back to enjoying and living your best life, everyday.

If you have any of these limiting emotions associated with a past pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding relationship, no matter how long ago, I can help you to disconnect the unhelpful associations and start reconnecting to feeling positive.

When you are ready to heal, my simple and effective three-step rewind package will free you to return to enjoying living your life, every day, in just hours.

What is a Three Step Rewind?

The Three Step Rewind Process for healing trauma has been developed from a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique known as the Visual/Kinaesthetic Dissociation technique. Even the most severe phobic and PTSD symptoms can be successfully removed using the Rewind. The technique uses multi-layered dissociation techniques, coupled with deep relaxation and the embedding of positive visualisations for the future. It is beautiful in its simplicity and amazing to witness the way the brain undoes the links to the emotions, leaving the memory intact without the painful emotions. The results are noticeable immediately, and last indefinitely.

“She was extremely professional which meant that I was able to totally relax…

I would highly recommend her

I think you’ve fixed me.

– Kate N

Meet one-to-one to in a safe environment; your own home or at one of our locations in South East Essex. TBR 3 Step Rewind for Birth Trauma can also be carried out via Zoom.

Complete your treatment in 2-3 short sessions of approximately 1-2 hours each, usually without the need for further appointments unless you want them.

Start seeing and feeling the changes immediately after the session and continue to see them for the rest of your life. 

Isn’t it time you helped yourself to feel better?

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Photo by Luma Pimentel